Deep Vision Dance Company
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“… they’re animations come to life,
like a live-action take on Fantasia.”

–Ian Buckwalter, film critic for NPR,
The Atlantic, and The Washingtonian

In the Mind of Nicole A. Martinell…
Questions about the emotional complexity of humankind and the strange beauty of the world around us initiate and propel Nicole A. Martinell’s creative process. She is fueled by what connects us, what drives us, and what transforms us. Ranging from abstract to narrative work, her choreography illustrates opposing ends of a continuum – an unfolding journey characterized by detailed characters, spiraling phrases, and a continuous ebb and flow of space.

Baker Artist Portfolio Excerpts Playlist Video Collaborations Montage

The Space Between (us)

The Space Between (us)


The Somethings in My Mind

The Somethings in My Mind


Cadence, or lack thereof

Cadence or Lack Thereof

Tender Root

Tender Root

Matter, Energy, Human (2016/2017)

Matter, Energy, Human
Evening at the Chesapeake (2016)
Causal Nexus (2015)
Laguna el Encanto (2015)

Bottle Caps & Suits (2015)
The Traveling Feet (2014)
Causal Nexus SITE (2014)
3 (2013)

heady collectables (2013)

Sacred Spaces (2013)

Out of My Head (2012)

Fractured Spectrum (2011)

Inner Palette (2010)

Flirt & Fizzle (2010)

Muffle (2008)

“The dancers floundered in their clump, shaking and writhing… Their interactions were unhesitant and neutral, neither joyful nor forced. Watching this happen immediately forged an association in my mind between the dancers and atoms moving within the human body”

–Rachel Appold, Writer for DanceMetro DC

“The dancers would execute leaps reminiscent of Isadora Duncan before pretending to laugh dramatically or leaning on one another. The movement styles, though different, did not take away from each other. Every bit of choreography seemed to belong, no matter how unusual”

–Rachel Appold, Writer for DanceMetro DC

“Deep Vision was able to tunnel into the past and create perhaps the most engaging audience friendly performance of the day….Individual dancers invited the crowd onto the dance floor—when I first walked in I could not tell where the audience ended and the performance space began—and in one-on-one settings passed on snippets of historical factoids about the building. The energy, infectious and freeing, lingered with me as I went off to the next location”

–Andrew Sargus Klein, Writer for BMore Art