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By/4 Artist Series
By/4 Artist Series

By/4 Artist Series

By/4 Artist Series (2013-2016)

By local artists / for local artists, these interactive, cross-disciplinary workshops engage artists and educators in the areas of audience engagement, collaboration, self-promotion, creative processes, and more. Workshops are open and free to the community.

Past workshops included such presenters as Liz Lerman, Alex Hewett, David London, ellen cherry, Cassie Meador, Matthew Cumbie, CJay Philip, and Buck Jabaily. (or could list out all past workshops below…)


“Text & Stories” and “Site-Specific Art Making” – Liz Lerman
“Finding the Authentic Artist” – Alex Hewett
“Self-Promotion for Artists” – David London
“Getting and Sustaining Work” – CJay Philip
“Audience Engagement” – Buck Jabaily/Nicole Martinell
“Site-Specific Work: a surprise party, a gathering of intersecting strangers, and info-packed event” – Liz Lerman
“Collaborative Creativity” – ellen cherry
“Site-Specific Art Making: creating a journey” – Cassie
Meador/Matthew Cumbie


“It was a very honest, open, and real experience and it was really awesome of her to share her wisdom with us.” — Participating artist
 “This was an excellent networking opportunity and a good jumping off point for tackling self-promotion, which I think is a tricky subject for many artists.” — Participating artist